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Rhinoplasty in Udaipur

Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that reshapes the nose by changing its shape and/or size. It can correct asymmetry, remove unwanted features such as deformities, scratches, or bumps, or improve the angle, length, width, or overall shape to suit the patient’s face. Depending on the situation, surgery can change the nose by removing tissue, bone, and cartilage, or it can use synthetic or organic materials to enhance the patient’s natural appearance.

Many people believe that rhinoplasty can be done by a general plastic surgeon. What comes as a surprise to many people is that otolaryngologists who specialize in facial plastic surgery are better trained in this procedure.

What is ENT?

An otolaryngologist/ENT Specialist is a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. An otolaryngologist can perform medical and surgical procedures and treatment of the ears, nose, and throat, as well as the neck and other head-related structures. Rhinoplasty in Udaipur is one such procedure.

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Why Choose ENT Specialist for Rhinoplasty?

An ENT Specialist or otolaryngologist has at least 10 years of undergraduate and graduate training before applying for accreditation by medical associations. Then, to practice for the job, they need to pass the ENT exam. During this time, otolaryngologists can pursue fellowships to focus on subspecialties such as facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. This specialization requires more than two years of extensive training to prepare otolaryngologists to perform cosmetic, reconstructive, and functional surgery on the face, ears, and neck.

With many years of knowledge, training, education, and experience, otolaryngologists are the leading medical professionals who perform nose surgery in Udaipur and other related types of cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery. An otolaryngologist understands the facial structure and how factors such as a person’s gender, age, lifestyle, diet, and even heredity affect a person’s appearance. We then use this knowledge to create the best conditions for our patients to look their best.

When it comes to plastic surgery like rhinoplasty, there are no one size fits. Every patient is different, so doctors need to be able to choose the techniques, tools, and materials that best suit the patient’s unique natural makeup. This expertise can combine aesthetic and functional elements to deliver predictive results that reflect a person’s innate beauty.

However, not all otolaryngologists routinely perform rhinoplasty. Some otolaryngologists prefer to focus on treating diseases and conditions and may not have experience in successfully performing rhinoplasty. It is essential that patients consult an otolaryngologist who has the appropriate education, experience, and knowledge in rhinoplasty and other facial cosmetic surgery. This is especially important if the required procedure is revision surgery. This requires significant experience for the surgeon to achieve the desired result.

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Types of Surgical Rhinoplasty

Intranasal Approach

All surgical incisions for intranasal access are made in the nasal cavity. A parallel incision covers about half of the nostril, but part of the incision is not visible from the outside and there are no visible scars. The absence of visible scars can be a huge advantage, but there are serious problems and technical limitations associated with this approach.

In the intranasal approach, “healing, swelling, and changes in the nose occur in about 6 months.”

External Rhinoplasty

The ENT makes a small bridging incision called a transcolumellar incision to connect the right and left nostrils. The skin of the nose can be folded up, providing an open view of the underlying structures of the nose. Open rhinoplasty minimizes deformation of the nasal cartilage and allows many individual components of the nasal skeleton to remain intact.

External rhinoplasty can cause external scarring, but this technique can be more precise, comprehensive, and effective because it allows you to have a full view during rhinoplasty.

Get Ready for a Change?

If you are ready for rhinoplasty, Udaipur is the best place to work with the best medical professionals in their field using the most advanced technology. To get the most out of this procedure, discuss all of your options and anticipations with your surgeon. Plastic surgery is more than a medical process. After all, it is both an art and a science. Your success depends largely on how you and your surgeon work together to achieve great results. Contact Dr. Sushant Joshi, ENT Specialist in Udaipur to make an appointment.


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