Take this sleep quiz on yourself, take a look at the list below, and see how many of the statements apply to you

  • I snore loud at night.
  • I wake up tired in the morning with heavy head.
  • I wake up gasping in the night frequently.
  • I frequently wake up to use the bathroom.
  • It is hard for me to stay awake while driving, reading or sitting at leisure.
  • I have fallen asleep while laughing or crying.
  • I wake up with pain and numbness in my legs.
  • I have difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep.
  • I have been told that I stop breathing while I sleep.
  • I am over weight.
  • My neck is short and broad.

If two or more of the statements above apply to you, this may indicate a serious sleep disorder. Please consult us today in our sleep clinic for more information regarding obstructive sleep apnea and a diagnostic sleep study.

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