Our hospital OPD is well equipped with ultra modern diagnostic facilities, large air conditioned waiting lounge, medical shop and television for entertainment during waiting time. Various modern surgical facilities available at our clinic are:


This surgery is done for perforation in tympanic membrane (ear drum). Patient mostly comes with complain of long standing watery pus discharge from ear, associated with decreased hearing. Discharge is mostly aggravated by humid conditions, upper respiratory infection, poor hygienic conditions etc.
This surgery is done under microscopic magnification, and depending upon site and size of perforation it can be performed with or without sutures.

Mastoid surgery

This surgery is performed in patients with complaints of long standing ear discharge due to bone erosive pathology (attico-antral or cholesteatoma). Also known as unsafe ear disease because of its life threatening complications, patient usually presents with thick foul smelling, sometimes blood stained discharge, associated often with headache, decreased hearing and vertigo.
This surgery is also performed under microscopic vision and surgery is aimed at providing patient with dry non discharging ear.

Coblation Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is performed in patients presenting with recurrent tonsils infection, associated with high grade fever, severe throat pain, neck nodes enlargement occurring more than 4 to 5 times a year.
At our centre Tonsillectomy is done with latest coblation technology. Coblation has many advantages over conventional tonsillectomy as this method is associated with lesser immediate and delayed bleeding, lesser post-operative pain, decreased incidence of infections and is less time consuming.

Debrider assisted Adenoidectomy

Adenoid hypertrophy is very common problem seen in children. They presents with mouth breathing, loud snoring at night, recurrent upper respiratory infections, facial changes and dental abnormalities.
Adenoidectomy is done under endoscopic vision assisted by powered instrument like microdebrider. This method of adenoid surgery ensures complete removal of adenoids decreasing chances of recurrence to minimum.


Deviated nasal septum is present in large population, but it is of concern if it causes continuous nasal blockage and other nasal symptoms. Septoplasty is done for these kinds of patients presenting with nasal blockage, headache, epistaxis etc. Sometimes DNS (Deviated nasal septum) is also associated with external deformity leading to cosmetic stigma to patients, for these cases we perform open rhinoplasty and try to correct external deformity.


Endoscopic sinus surgery is done for patients suffering from long standing rhinosinusitis, polyposis of nasal cavities, tumours of nose and sinuses etc.
FESS is done without any external cut, assisted by rigid nasal endoscopes and high definition cameras. FESS usually requires powered instruments like debrider and coblator for better results.

Endoscopic DCR

This surgery is done for patients suffering from chronic Dacryocystitis, means blockage of naso lacrimal duct (tear ducts). Here patient complaints of epiphora (continuous tearing of eyes) and eye discharge.
This surgery is done endoscopically without any external cut with the help of nasal endoscopes and camera.

Head & Neck surgeries

Commonly performed head & Neck surgeries at our centre comprises of diseases related to Thyroid glands, salivary glands, oral malignancies etc.

Micro laryngeal surgeries (MLS)

Vocal nodules or vocal cysts are benign lesions of vocal cords, usually found in teachers, singers or orators. Initially these can be treated by medications and life style modifications, but many finally need micro laryngeal surgeries. Patient commonly comes with complaints of change in voice quality and throat discomfort.
Micro laryngeal surgeries are also done in patients of early vocal cord malignancies.