WATTS (Past, Present and Future)


In 1976, Dr. Shrichand Bohra established the ‘World Amicable Thought Transmitting Society’ popularly known as WATTS. Through this organization, he tried to live his dream as a medical student of uplifting the needy irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. The objective was not as big as social work; instead, it was just to facilitate the flow of friendliness throughout the world. Love and Kindness are the constructive pillars of this peaceful land. Rooted with such sincere and honest intentions, the organization has grown a lot and is still progressing. WATTS has been growing at an incredible pace for more than 4 decades since its inception. It all started with just six volunteers in 1976 who took constructive steps for children’s development. Gradually the team extended to 39 members and together they started Children’s Corner in 1980 and took innovative steps in children’s overall education, and as a result of which students started to come out in flying colors in almost every field. Excelling in overall development of children gave Dr S.C. Bohra immense happiness and at the same time it inspired him to work more, give more and he decided to extend WATTS to every strata of the society. In 1980 Children corner was started from Vanasthali branch and in November 1989 Youth corner was launched which aimed at enlightening and encouraging today’s youth to participate in the welfare of society. In February 1990, WATTS was registered under The Rajasthan Society Act. Meanwhile many well-established dignitaries came forward to support Dr.S.C. Bohra in the successful functioning of this society, to name a few; Mr. Janardhan Vyas, former Railway Magistrate, Dr. Harish Bohra, Scientist Kajri, Er .K.C.Bohra, Er. Amar Singh Solanki, Rajesh Makwaana, Saroj Jaisalmeria and Er. Mahendra Vyas. In the same month, Human Health and Welfare Centre was launched and its primary focus was to make people aware of heart diseases and high Blood pressure. The thought process behind starting this center was well structured, properly organized, and was divided into three discrete phases. Phase1 consisted of gaining useful insights by camping and surveying. In phase 2 research and development were done based on the survey results of the first phase and research centers were also equipped with the latest instruments and technology. Experienced Medical Professionals were also consulted from time to time. Lastly, the results of the research were used to make significant improvements in public health.


A group of dedicated and passionate volunteers is the only treasure WATTS has. In front of such radiating volunteers, lack of money and space never became a shortcoming. It is this honest spirit of these people that easily decides their stepping stones. The history of WATTS itself justifies its true intentions of progress and the welfare of society. WATTS has always welcomed the alliance with devoted and committed people and it will continue to do this in the near future. This society was blessed to have the valuable support of Late Shri D.D. Harsh, Jodhpur University in the past, and it felt obliged to Mr. Virender Sarbal, Delhi university for his constant enlightenment.

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