World: ‘W’

Indicates the spirit of international affection, brotherhood, tolerance, and non-aggressive method which is the true slogan of age.

Amicable: ‘A’

Indicates amicability which is true direct necessity from the infant stage to the grave, i.e. from childhood to the last stage of death. In its absence nobody can survive.

Thoughts: ‘T’

Indicates thoughts for well being. Man is rational being or creature and without intelligence, thinking and reasoning which cannot develop such thoughts which implies the idea of existence of humanity.

Transmitting: ‘T’

Indicates transmission of our ideology to person lacking it. Modern age transmission and exchange of ideas has made our lives easy, happy and contended.

Society: ‘S’

Indicates group of people coming together for the welfare of society through which we live and develop ourselves. Hence this emblem expresses the relevant points which are the direct necessity of enlightenment, progress, prosperity and reciprocity.

Our society has adopted the emblem which characterises and provides an apt decorum for all varieties of activities pulsating in its precincts viz literary, health, cultural and like. The emblem is constituted by choice assortment of symbolic motifs and an acronym of society in English. Abbreviation ‘WATTS’ indicates an ideology which creates a spirit of International love and brotherhood among all classes and people of the world, together with true sense of co-operation, tolerance, reciprocity and thinking which are the necessities for enlightened society at large. This will fulfil all sorts of prevailing necessities relating to health, culture, knowledge and enlightenment of the generations coming herein after. It is the amicability which instils all the formalities and transmission of thoughts. These are requisites which can only encourage from the very beginning the ideology amongst our progeny. This is the most suitable and appropriate emblem which at the very sight of it will indicate all the social virtues which are very necessary for an ideal citizenship.

The first Motif:  The rising sun exhorting the man to move not into the darkness but into light. WATTS is the unit of light and at every moment there will be the enlightened progress and up gradation of human life. Man the thinker assumes his lustrous fulfilment only through shedding of the limitation of the darkening envelop of thoughtlessness. The idea lies in freeing himself from the crippling drag of stale darkness for a mighty leap into the refreshing zone of light of enlightenment.

The second Motif: The globe and shaking hands indicate cordiality and friendship to go closure and maintain harmonious relation with people of other parts of the world by reciprocating the knowledge to create a good climate of peace, to play a yeoman’s role in the world affairs and believe in the policy of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.

The third Motif: Two corn saplings indicate that the green revolution must continue because good agricultural production is basic requirement for human nutrition, and it enables the existence and prosperity of the society in all spheres of life. They have been included in the emblem because the saplings are the sign of peace, contentment, and progress. At the bottom of the emblem, the full name of the society is indicated and in the left lowermost corner, the name of the originator of this society, Dr. S.C. Bohra with whose imagination and thinking the present shape has been given to the society. Such then is our emblem, dear to our heart and even dearer to our mind, which spontaneously get filled and suffused with the example of men of excellence of many ages and races and of thought providing rare insight and ideal men for millennia have tenderly nurtured and graciously felt proud of. No wonder indeed, that it evokes such magnificent pulse of finest sentiments in our bosom and towards which we are so irresistibly and happily drawn in process of complete unreserved identification.

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